Gonçalo Byrne at work.

Gonçalo Byrne at work.


Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos is an international architectural studio with an extensive body of work. We stand for:

. A dialogue with architecture’s foundations. A generalist, multidisciplinary, convergent and synthesised architecture which may develop an enriching dialogue between the new project and its context.

. A dialogue with the existent identities of the site, the city, the landscape and the atmosphere. The design must be part of a mastered urban work.

. A dialogue with the various scales of architecture from preliminary work to its final production, taking into account constraints and objectives.

. A dialogue within the work team, from architects to the several specialists and technicians, embedded with a spirit of accuracy.

. A sustainable architecture which adjusts objectives to means of expression. By offering efficient, stimulating and economic buildings, low maintenance costs, addressing sustainable development and energy control issues.

. An architecture that tries to respond to the current state of things, and wishes to regain the spirit of commonwealth, proposing spaces where individual and collective recognition are enabled.

. A poetic architecture more than media imagery and visual apparatuses. A lived experience which demands for a haptic perception and sensibility.