Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos
International Architecture Studio based in Lisbon, Portugal

Atelier de Arquitectura sediado em Lisboa, Portugal





Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos has an extensive body of work in Portugal, Italy, Belgium, etc. We approach a generalist, multidisciplinary, and convergent architecture which may develop an enriching dialogue between new interventions and respective environments.


Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos tem um extenso portfolio, com obras em Portugal, Itália, Bélgica, etc. Desenvolvemos uma arquitectura generalista, multidisciplinar e convergente, capaz de desenvolver um diálogo enriquecedor entre intervenções novas e respectivos contextos.




Our practice implies an extremely complex knowledge of different fields beyond architecture, from engineering to landscaping, sustainability, archaeology, among others, already proven in several works internationally accredited. These have been widely published in many architectural magazines (Casabella, Domus, C3 Magazine, Oris, Icon, etc.) and acclaimed in exhibitions and other events of cultural relevance, nominated and awarded, such as the Piranesi Prix de Rome,  attributed, in its 2014 edition, to the National Museum Machado de Castro, in Coimbra.


A nossa prática implica um conhecimento extremamente complexo de diferentes campos disciplinares para além do da arquitectura, desde a engenharia ao paisagismo, sustentabilidade, arqueologia, entre outros, como diversas obras, internacionalmente distinguidas, o comprovam. Estas têm sido, amplamente, publicadas em várias revistas da especialidade (Casabella, Domus, Revista C3, Oris, Icon, etc.) e aclamadas em exposições e outros eventos de relevância cultural, nomeadas e premiadas, como o Piranesi Prix de Rome, atribuído, na sua edição de 2014, ao Museu Nacional Machado de Castro, em Coimbra.




Coordination | Coordenação

Gonçalo Byrne

Collaborators | Colaboradores

Angela Baldo, Carla Lima Vieira, Cláudio Gonçalves, Hugo Mónica, Mafalda Gallo, Margarida Machado, Maria João Gamito, Miguel Pacheco, Nuno Marques, Pedro Soares, Telmo Cruz, Tiago Lopes

Archive | Arquivo

Susana Ventura

Management | Gestão

Margarida Gonçalves

Secretary | Secretariado

Eliza Barros




There are many ways to introduce the architectural work of Gonçalo Byrne. Spanning over four decades, his oeuvre responds to a wide variety of programs and contexts. Throughout, it consistently displayed a cultivated cosmopolitanism that is attentive to several instances.
— Diogo Seixas Lopes, Oris
Byrne sees his building as a new typology, one that goes “beyond the tower and block”to create a “more articulated object”. He is influenced by the Russian constructivists who experimented with such hybrid forms in the 1920s and 30s. The constructivists have inspired many contemporary architects and Byrne’s language of stacked and offset boxes has more recent echoes.
Throughout Byrne’s career, the intervention in buildings of high heritage value has been recurrent. Here, however, he deals with a different kind of heritage: a common city, somewhat torn-apart and sad. Gonçalo Byrne, however, operates in this context with the same conviction as if he was handling a palace. The city is grateful to him.
— Jorge Figueira (about the Eça de Queiroz Civic Centre), Oris Magazine

Works in Progress | Obras em Curso